Why Are Americans So Burned Out?

Why Are Americans So Burned Out?

Why is America the most burned out country in the world?

You hear it on the news. You read about it on social media. Your friends are talking about it. Your boss is worried about it.

Conversations about burnout are flooding the airways, especially in a world after a global pandemic. But we’ve noticed that few of these conversations are talking about how we got here.

It’s nice to focus on solutions, but we believe we can’t talk about solving our burned out work culture unless we talk about the origins of burnout.

Did you know that our American work ethic, and our culture of burnout, goes all the way back to the Puritans? They’re to blame for some pretty heavy ideas that Americans have about work. These ideas include 3 rules to follow if you want to be a good person: 1. work hard 2. do it alone 3. rest when you’re dead.

Sound familiar?

There’s way more to unpack with our culture of burnout. How did we get from the Puritans to where we are now? What other influences impacted our work culture?

Questions like these are the reason we decided to write our book “The Culture of Burnout.” The book releases this week, and we wanted to start this small series of blogs by going back to the beginning.

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