"Kristen Donnelly is an exceptionally dynamic and thoughtful speaker. She commands the space while also maintaining an intimate connection with her audience. Her years of study and humble curiosity create the perfect container to talk about hard things."

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Kristen Donnelly (MSW, M.Div, PhD) is an award winning, four time TEDx speaker, international empathy educator, and researcher with two decades of experience in helping people understand the beauty in difference, and the power in inclusivity. She is one of The Good Doctors of Abbey Research, COO of their parent company, and an unapologetic nerd for stories of change. Kristen lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles.

Speaking Highlights



Our trainings on burnout and boundary setting are one of our most popular. Laid out in this talk, Dr. Kristen explains why we're all exhausted, why we can blame the Puritans, and why self-care can't fix it. 

It's a necessary talk for all of us stuck in the American culture of overwork. 

"Whatever you say, say what you need to say"

'Lights in the darkness' event, irish diaspora center, philadelphia

Dr. Kristen was honored to deliver the keynote address at this event. The goal of the project is to "redefine our community's collective relationship with mental health and suicide. 

Her powerful talk shines light on the culture of silence that exists around mental health and suicide, and provides a path forward out of the darkness.


"Everyone's replaceable" and other lies we live by

Filmed on site at the location of her family business, Dr. Kristen's 4th TEDx talk shares the personal story of that business and how they developed a people-first approach to management. 

As we all grapple with the effects of The Great Reshuffle, leaders and managers should heed the words of this talk. 


how to be there for a traumatized friend and not cause more pain

This tour de force talk is deeply personal as well as firmly communal. She asks the question of all of us: how do we respond when someone tells us they're in pain?

The ways we do are causing more harm, and Dr. Kristen outlines the ways we can and must change. 


the cultural aftermath of the northern ireland troubles

Using Northern Ireland as a cautionary tale, she implores us to understand that "normal is just a setting on a tumble dryer, and there's no going back to it after the world has changed."

We are living through a period of profound change, and this talk could not be more timely.



how embracing tolerance has failed us

In this powerful and candid talk about tolerance, inclusion, and empathy, Dr. Kristen shares a new perspective on how we think about tolerance in our lives and how important it is to use intersectional, inclusive hospitality as our worldview.

We believe that if we do this we can ultimately and finally come together as a global humanity.


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