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Give us the gift of your time and we'll show you how our model of empathy education can help you (and your people) live, work, and grow into better humans.

Our Current Trainings

diversity & inclusion

  • Everyone has a DEI initiative - but here's the thing - they aren't working, and they haven't been for a long time. 
  • Diversity is the reality of any situation, inclusion is the goal, and privilege is the biggest barrier to productive relationships. 
  • Authentic inclusivity cannot be a tick-box exercise - it has to be a daily practice - on an individual and group level. 

understanding trauma

  • Humans aren't great at dealing with trauma - both theirs and others - and it's preventing us from forming holistic relationships.
  • There is no suffering Olympics - your trauma is not worth less or more than anyone else's trauma - it's different. 
  • The only thing we have to do when presented with someone else's trauma is to acknowledge they are in pain.

burnout & boundaries

  • We're all exhausted, overworked, and under rested, Americans more so than most, and we can all blame the Puritans. 
  • We have a broken and damaging model of work - one that rewards hustle and burnout over rest and self-care, but there is a better way.
  • Setting boundaries is hard, but possible. It takes self awareness, communication, and comfort food.

understanding generations

  • There are currently four generations active in the American workforce and we're seeing seismic shifts across every industry.
  • We're also faced with the largest generational difference between Millennials and Gen Z, creating big challenges. 
  • This means that each workplace is dealing with a unique set of circumstances - leading to confusion, conflict, and turnover.

Each Training Includes

The content of the workshops depends on their lengths -- but regardless of how long we spend with you, every one of our facilitations will have these key features. 

Ice-Breaker Bingo

An interactive feature that gets your people engaged as they learn about our style of empathy education and how we will present each topic to the room. 

Safe Space for Hard Conversations

Unpacking what we know about each of these topics is heavy work. Our environment is both challenging and safe. You cannot shock us and we will not judge you. 

Well-Researched and Practical Insights

Every training concludes with specific group work designed to give you practical and actionable next steps that you can take from the training straight to the workplace.


You will leave every training with concrete steps to address these key issues within your organization. The trainings will challenge you to consider the whole person when building relationships with your co-workers and employees. It will teach you important topic specific concepts and give you the necessary tools to improve your cultural awareness and empathy. 

who we speak to


Whether you have 15 or 500 employees, work remotely or on-site, we develop our trainings to address your key pain points. 

Higher Education

Our work in academia means we understand the culture of higher education, why it needs to change, and how we can help.

Non profits

With decades of experience working with charities and NGOs around the world, we know our training can have a high impact for your folks. 


From financial planning to human resources, we take our expertise and research to professional associations across the country. 

Meet The Good Doctors 

We have a collection of degrees, and a lot of 'real world' experience that tells us humans are complicated, history is messy, and we can all make tiny changes to Earth by asking questions, listening to and learning from others, and giving everyone a bit more space to be human. 

Dr. Kristen lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles. Dr. Erin lives in Pittsburgh with her Mum and cat, where they share a love of British TV shows, gardening, and gin cocktails. 

What our participants Are Saying

Diversity & Inclusivity

Real inclusivity is work.

our most popular topics

why you need intersectionality

This may be a bit of a buzzword, but we believe it's essential to any DEI program. You have to understand why people are different, so that you can understand how to lead them best. 

how to human better

Better humans means better organizations. This training starts with the basic but hard work that empathy will make you a better human. Increased empathy means happier employees that don't leave.

why your dei programs don't work

We've been treating diversity as the goal with most corporate DEI programs - which is why they keep failing. This training teaches you how to understand real inclusivity in a way that will improve your company culture. 

Want to hear more?

Check out Dr. Kristen's talk on tolerance and diversity for TEDx SouthLakeTahoe!

"This all sounds great, but how much will it cost?"

understanding trauma

There isn't a suffering Olympics.

our most popular topics


Everyone might be tired of hearing about COVID-19 but we know that it's impact will have ripple effects on how we relate and how we work with each other for decades to come. We have to talk about it in a way that is empathetic and compassionate.

there is no such thing as 'back to normal'

This might be one of the most often repeated and problematic phrases floating around our broader culture. Using this as a framework for our training, we can open up conversations on trauma, coping, and equity in the workplace. 

why 'the great resignation' is a trauma response

We believe that you can't find and keep high quality talent in these times without understanding trauma. We have to ask different questions about what people want from their jobs in order to be able to address our recent retention problems.

Want to hear more?

Don't miss Dr. Kristen's talk on the lie of going back to normal - an exploration of communal trauma - from TEDx Farmingdale 2021!

"I think I need this in my organization, but I have more questions."

burnout & boundary setting

You're exhausted and you should blame the Puritans.

our most popular topics

why commercialized self-care doesn't work

You can buy all the bath bombs you want, but superficial treatments won't address the underlying culture of exhaustion in our workplaces. 

how to set and keep holistic boundaries

We all need help with setting and maintaining boundaries. We will give you key insights on how to learn what boundaries you need and how to set them. 

going it alone isn't impressive; it's harmful

This is one of the most damaging myths in American culture. We can also blame the Puritans for this, we'll tell you why and what you can do about it. 

Want to hear more?

Check out this episode of The Good Doctors Diagnose LIVE where we explain more about why it's the Puritans fault that you're so tired.




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