Burnout Is Not A Badge of Honor

Burnout Is Not A Badge of Honor
Book Update: Burnout Is Not A Badge of Honor

Hey y’all, our book on burnout is only two weeks away! Dr. Kristen is coming at ya with some thoughts:

Two. Weeks. 

Two weeks from today our book, “The Culture of Burnout” releases into the wild. Two weeks from today, some of you will be able to read it. 

*insert Sheldon breathing into a paper bag gif here*

I am convinced beyond the shadow of the doubt that this book can change lives. We’ve already been told it has, so I know it can. 

Our core argument is this: burnout is not an individual problem and therefore can’t have completely individual solutions. Burnout is baked into the foundations of American culture AND is celebrated as a badge of honor. 

Both of those things can change. Both of them have to. 

Kindle pre-orders are open now, paperback and Kindle will be available on October 3rd.

Two weeks from today.

Pre-order your Kindle copy here: https://abbeyresearch.biz/bookpreorder

Learn more about the book here: https://abbeyresearch.biz/burnoutbook


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