Early Reviews of The Culture of Burnout

Early Reviews of The Culture of Burnout

Our first book, “The Culture of Burnout” is out now!

We’re so excited to share this book with the world. We were fortunate to have some trusted friends read and review early copies of the book.

If you’re curious to read what they had to say, we wanted to share some of these reviews with ya!

“Drs. Kristen and Erin have traversed the roads to burnout and returned (not totally unscathed) to share their journey on how to human better. Thoughtful and hopeful, the Good Doctors offer their wealth of experience and understanding for us to cultivate a culture of balance. It’s worth your read.” 

Carol M.Pate, Ed.D., FCPP
Educator, Writer, Creator

“Erin and Kristen’s book is a powerful testament to our society’s urgent need for change. Their words resonate deeply, shedding light on the toxic culture of burnout that plagues us. Acknowledging the impact of our environment and culture, they challenge us to reimagine wellness, balance, and compassion. This thought-provoking read is a wake-up call, urging us to break free from the cycle of quick fixes and embrace a culture that values growth, comfort, and community. With well-researched insights and honest discussions, this book is a transformative journey toward understanding and healing. A must-read for anyone seeking true well-being in an era dominated by pursuing success at the cost of our mental and emotional health.”

Kelly Meerbott
CBTI Award-winning Leadership Coach + TedxUCO Speaker

“The Culture of Burnout is the first book that truly looks deep into the heart of burnout and isn’t afraid to call it what it is – a societal issue that we’re going to have to face by shifting our collective relationship with work, success, and – each other.”

Cait Donovan, host FRIED the Burnout Podcast

If you’re ready to read The Culture of Burnout for yourself – we’ve got a few links for you!

Here’s the page on Amazon: ttps://abbeyresearch.biz/buybook

Here’s the link to Amazon Canada: https://abbeyresearch.biz/bookpreordercanada

And here’s our landing page: https://abbey-research.com/the-culture-of-burnout/


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