we learn by doing

Whatever our audience - from day care workers to chemical manufacturers, from athletic conferences to colleges and universities - we learn the most through delivering our trainings. Below you'll find all the info you need to decide how we can best serve your needs.

why you need the good doctors:

We are both educators with social science PhDs. We have lived and studied around the United States and around the world, exposing us to a beautiful range of identities, experiences, and worldviews.

As a company, we’ve been around since 2016, but we’ve been unofficial advocates for understanding our whole adult lives. We have a history of being obnoxiously curious - which means we have always been interested in how and why people do what they do.

We have presented to and worked with a diverse range of clients - from day care workers to chemical manufacturers, from the Big South Athletic Conference to international non profits. No matter the industry, no matter the culture, if you employ humans, we know we can help. 

Who are you?


Whether you have 15 or 500 employees, work remotely or on-site, we develop our trainings to address your key pain points. 

COVID-19 has forever altered the corporate landscape. Your company is now faced with high turnover, hybrid work models, and new and confusing demands from America's most diverse workforce. 

Higher Education

Our work in academia means we understand the culture of higher education, why it needs to change, and how we can help.

If you work at a college or university, you are having lot of problems around interpersonal conflicts, poor communication, and frequent misunderstandings within these multigenerational spaces. 

Non profits

With decades of experience working with charities and NGOs around the world, we know our training can have a high impact for your folks. 

Believe it or not, the topic we speak to non profits most frequently on is burnout and boundary setting. We know you have passionate people, who are probably exhausted, overwhelmed, and close to burnout.


From financial planning to human resources, we take our expertise and research to professional associations across the country. 

As life-long learners, we know the value in continuing education. Our trainings can help your association meed those standards - with informative and pragmatic approaches to your key issues. 

Who are we?

We're The Good Doctors!

We're best friends, giant nerds, and teachers at our core. 

One of our guiding principles is - borrowing the immortal words of Captain James T. Kirk - "We learn by doing." 

Empathy is an intellectual posture, not an emotional response, and we can learn empathy by doing it. Empathy and inclusivity are the driving forces of our teaching models, and provide the framework for all our workshop facilitations. 

We frame all our workshops through the principles of non-judgement and curiosity. There are no stupid or wrong questions. 

With over 30 years experience in academic and business spaces, we bring our intellectual curiosity and business acumen to every interaction. 

Dr. Kristen & Dr. Erin 

What do we offer?

We are different humans, with different dreams, but we are both passionate about leveraging our research, education, training, and experience to help our clients in whatever format best suits their needs. 

corporate trainings

Now that we can safely meet in person, we'd love to serve your group or organization!

keynote presentations

From TEDx stages to keynotes for non profit events, Dr. Kristen loves to step up to the microphone!

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