America’s Toxic Wellness Problem

America’s Toxic Wellness Problem

You might be wondering what America’s toxic wellness is and how wellness can be a bad thing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We have both had many problems with the way “wellness” is marketed and sold in America for a long time. From self-proclaimed “gurus” to MLMs selling essential oils, there are a lot of people invested in selling you wellness.

But can wellness really be bad for you? It’s an important question, and one we answer in our book. Out now – “The Culture of Burnout” outlines the history of wellness, and the development of the Wellness Industrial Complex. We argue that wellness can be bad for you, especially when the people selling wellness are more interested in making money than making you well.

If someone is selling you a “fix” to your health and wellness, be very skeptical. If they are telling you you can only feel better with their product, ask more questions.

We’ve reached levels of toxic wellness because we’ve married wellness and capitalism. Toxic wellness also means that we make moral judgements on a person’s wellness choices and abilities.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for wellness. No single product or pill can fix all our problems.

We want everyone to be free from the pressures of America’s toxic wellness problem. It’s why we wrote our book.

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