The Best Stuff Is The Hardest Stuff

The Best Stuff Is The Hardest Stuff

Hey friends, it’s Dr. Kristen here:

The best stuff is the hardest stuff.

The best stuff, the best discussions, the best relationships are birthed and nurtured out of tough, authentic conversations where everyone is valued equally.

Quite the run-on sentence, I know, but let’s break down each clause.The best discussions exist where each party brings their true self to the discussion. No gamesmanship, no agendas beyond understanding. Things get accomplished, relationships get richer when we are vulnerable and honest with each other.

The best relationships are birthed out of moments of realness. The moments where we let each other into our behind-the-scenes life instead of our on-stage life.

Those relationships are best nurtured out of difficult conversations – about our lives, about the world, about our goals – that lead to authentic connections with each other’s humanity.

You may have read this far and thought “oh, she means our personal lives.” No, chickens, I mean your professional ones as well.

You wanna live out that mission statement that says you treat everyone well, or that you’re going to change the world, or that you provide safe spaces? Then this is the meat of it.

The best stuff is the hardest stuff.


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