Finding Your Own Holistic Wellness

Finding Your Own Holistic Wellness

Dr. Kristen is hopping on the blog today to talk about the journey of finding your own holistic wellness:

One of the worst things I ever did was a float spa. 

Image of rectangular bath tub in a dark room with dark wallpaper. There is a blue light in the water and on a wall on the left hand side there is a black towel rack with a white towel hanging from it. The image is of a float spa.
(Oh, and thank you to the Body and Balance Float Spa in Utah for having this image on their website. I felt it needed a visual if you had no frame of reference.)

Have you seen these? They’re tiny pods of salt water that allow people to float for a period of time. It’s meant to relieve pain, or help with anxiety, or any number of other things it can help with. If you’re also just really into floating, I suppose it’s good for that, too. 

Holy Cheezits was it terrible for me. 

My bipolar brain could. not. calm. down. I spent the whole “relaxing” time counting down every single minute of when I could get out there. I ran through my to-do list about forty times. This included panicking about the phone call I’d had with a client the day before and wondered if I had blown the sale for probably fifteen minutes. (I hadn’t, by the way, but logic was not in my brain while in the float pod). I kept waiting for it to work the way “they” said it would, and it never did.

It is Not For Me. This was just one step in many on my journey to finding my own holistic wellness.

I share this for a few reasons: 

1) What works for others may not work for you
2) What is revolutionary to someone’s healing may be harmful for you
3) Trying new things that may work is a good idea! And then walking away if they don’t

Have you ever tried something that was All the Rage that was a bust for you? 



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