Do You Have An Inclusive Culture?

Do You Have An Inclusive Culture?

Do you have an inclusive culture? Dr. Erin read this article and has some thoughts to share.

This may seem like a simple idea, but from our work in DEI spaces, Kristen Nielsen Donnelly, PhD and I know that most organizations don’t get much further past focusing on diversity.

Our contention is that every organization, every culture, is already diverse. Humans contain diversity in them.

The real questions are whether or not your culture is inclusive and equitable.

Do your people feel like they can be their full selves? Do you know the impact of gender disparities? Or racial inequities on how your folks feel?

Diversity is reality. Inclusion is the goal. Privilege, bias, systemic inequity, those are the barriers. 

Focusing on diversity at the cost of inclusion and equity, is actually causing more harm than good. 



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