What You Need To Know About America’s Burnout Culture

Burnout is something that we value in the United States. So much so that we call it America’s Burnout Culture.

That sounds ridiculous, right? How can a culture actually value burnout? How can a whole people group think it’s okay for humans to have limited emotional capacity, high apathy, and a potential for physical health problems? 


You see, the American Dream as we talk about it actually demands burnout. It could be yours, it could be someone else’s, it could be a combination – but you can’t have the picket fence and the dog and the 2.5 kids without it. 

So, we because we celebrate that American Dream and hold it up as a standard, we therefore celebrate burnout. That is a huge part of America’s Burnout Culture.

We think it’s cool to be a workaholic, or we at least reward that with more money, power, and resources. When we say we’re ‘busy,’ we often hope people hear that as ‘I’m important.’ Staying up all night to prepare for an exam or presentation means we’re martyrs to the cause. 

We don’t need to be, though. 

We can choose not to be. 

It will require some sacrifices that will be uncomfortable and might not be fully possible, but if we at least start to recognize that this way of life is unhinged, maybe we can make some communal changes. Maybe we stop celebrating the American Dream as it’s always been taught and instead shift that to a new one: a society where everyone can find their own balance and not at the expense of others. 

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