VAULT: [Cornucopia] Unorthodox Eps 3 and 4

VAULT: [Cornucopia] Unorthodox Eps 3 and 4

A whole heck of a lot happened in Part 3. We get Esty’s two very different experiences with sex, we learn more about her life with Yanky, about Yanky’s attempts to change, and what the heck is going on with Moishe. We also have a fascinating discussion about the relationship of bodies in theology, and what happens when bodies belong to the community.

While the final part wraps up a lot of the story, we were left a little short on some of Esty’s internal struggles. We learned more about Yanky and Moishe, and found out why Esty’s Mom left. It was a beautiful exploration of how and why people leave their communities.

Watch the original videos here and here!

Show Notes:

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