VAULT: [Cornucopia] Unorthodox Eps 1 and 2

VAULT: [Cornucopia] Unorthodox Eps 1 and 2

Join The Good Doctors for their discussion of the Netflix limited series ‘Unorthodox.’ Following the story of Esty and her process of leaving the Satmar Hassidic Jewish community she belonged to, it’s a remarkable story of perseverance and identity and belonging.

In Part 1, we discuss the layers of identity and trauma, the importance of water in Hassidic traditions, and why the respect of the Yiddish language is critical to the success of the show.

In part 2, we discuss the regimented gender roles, the wedding, the juxtaposition of the Orthodox and outside world, and the power of showing the story, not telling.

Watch the original videos here and here!

Show Notes:

Learn more about the Mezuzah here
Eruv explains why Esty couldn’t leave her apartment building on the Sabbath

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