Leadership Is Listening

Image has a blue background with the AR circular logo and two pictures. One picture is of Dr. Kristen typing on her laptop with a stack of books and a coffee mug beside her. The text over the image is New Blog. The second image is a picture of an office conference room with 5 people sitting around it and one person standing, talking to the other 5. Below that image is the text "Leadership is listening."

Dr. Kristen hops on the blog to talk about why leadership is listening:

Leadership is listening, innovation, humility.

I read this article in the Athletic a few weeks ago and the section on Bill Belichick’s leadership style has been tumbling in my head ever since. In the article, he’s described as someone who:

  • does not welcome new ideas
  • is not interested innovation
  • is not open to criticism of his system or ideas
  • has lost a lot of key talent over the last several years

He’s one of the most high profile leaders in America, to be honest, and no shortage of air time has been spent on the sports networks about the Patriots fall to the bottom of the league.

If I could venture a guess – it probably has something to do with these things.

I hope your organization doesn’t look like the Patriots one sounds. Leadership is listening – listening to our employees, to their needs, and to the needs of the organization or culture.


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