Links and Resources

General Resource Lists

You can take the academic out of the academy but you can't take away their drive to collect and organize resources!

These living Google Docs basically serve as The Good Doctors bibliographies! We believe that all our conversations need to start with research and intentionality. 

We've identified 12 key topics - from Gender and Sexuality, to Global Economy, and Religious Education - and gathered all the sources we've learned from into handy resource lists. 

Colonizer's World Tour Resource Lists

When we started our Heritage and History Months YouTube playlist in late 2020, we quickly realized the best lens to view different cultures, and how they engage with the world, is through the project of colonization. 

For 2021, we set out on our Colonizer's World Tour, examining the lived cultures and ongoing legacy of colonization in places like Japan, Iran, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, and many more.  

Colonization is always about power and resources -- be they people, land, or natural. Want to learn what we learned? Find all our resources below.