[The Good Doctors Diagnose] Building Inclusive Communities on American Ninja Warrior

[The Good Doctors Diagnose] Building Inclusive Communities on American Ninja Warrior

We know this seems like an odd topic, but stick with us here. We’ve recently started watching this show and believe it’s the most inclusive show on television. Join us to learn why we think this is the case and what we can learn from this show!

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Show Notes:

Empathy Exercises:
1. Women’s Basketball
2. Lia Thomas
3. Donna Kaz
4. School’s Native American Chant
5. Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy
6. Prolonged Grief Disorder

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On today’s podcast we wanted to share with you the story of how we started a research institute on the back of a napkin. No really – we’re serious. In the midst of the first lockdown we were asked to create an internship program for students at Charleston Southern University so that they could graduate. From that, the Community Research Institute was born. We started the institute to not only give paid work to the students, but to serve local businesses in the Low Country. A few short years later, and we’re now working with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce to place interns with local businesses in need of social media and marketing help. We’re exceptionally proud of this program and you can learn more about it at communityresearchinstitute.org.

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