[FATWS] S1E6: One World, One People

[FATWS] S1E6: One World, One People

The Good Doctors discuss the final episode of season 1. They break down how each character arc was wrapped up and Sam’s final step into the Captain America role.

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Show Notes:

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Today’s episode is brought to you by another one of my favorite podcasts, ‘This Land.’ ‘This Land’ is produced by Crooked Media and hosted by Rebecca Nagle – a Cherokee writer, advocate, and language learner. Rebecca uses her keen investigative skills to dig deep into specific court cases and their myriad of implications for Indian Country. Season 1 was a cracker and Season 2 dropped in August 2021. This most recent season explores how a custody case over a Native child has far-ranging implications for the sanctity of the Indian Child Welfare Act, tribal sovereignty, and civil rights. The show is a fabulous mix of history and culture with a sprinkling of mystery and legal theory – what a combo! Find ‘This Land’ on any podcaster service and tell all your friends!

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