Building Inclusive Cultures With Storytelling

Building Inclusive Cultures With Storytelling
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Often, we get asked how an organization can start building inclusive cultures? I was thinking about this recently and remembered a surprising comment we received from a client a few months ago. After our training, one participant came up to us and said:

“You guys should really consider doing standup, you’re so funny.”

Kristen always says that people don’t change through shame and statistics, they change through stories and relationships.

We craft our trainings on the idea that sharing our stories and talking about our relationship is a great way to communicate our core ideas.

We loved visiting our friends and clients at the Orlando Magic in January for another impactful training, and were actually quite proud to receive this unusual feedback.

Truly inclusive cultures transmit missions and values through stories and relationships.

How does your workplace culture tell its “story”? What relationships do you need to focus on to build on inclusivity? Building inclusive cultures through storytelling is an essential part of building a larger brand.


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