[Bridgerton] – Special Episode: Real and Performative Diversity

[Bridgerton] – Special Episode: Real and Performative Diversity


In their second supplementary Bridgerton video, The Good Doctors discuss the show’s attempts and failures to represent the full range of humans in their casting choices, and how the move from book to screen could have done better to explore the multitude of ways in which people are diverse.

Watch the original video here!

Show Notes:

Dr. Kristen’s TED-talk style video on radical inclusion
Critiques of race on the show
Race-baiting, queer-baiting, colorism, featurism in Bridgerton
Women of Color talking about race in Bridgerton
Cast member talks about casting
Bridgerton star claps back at critics of show’s diversity
Bridgerton and Race: Does Historical Accuracy Matter?
A Double Hot Take on Bridgerton, Race, and Romance
The Debate Over Bridgerton and Race

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