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Right now, we're taking a break from any new YouTube content to write our first book. But fear not - our entire back catalog is still kicking - so catch up on our content while we write! 

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Pop Culture coverage

the handmaid's tale

We're captivated and infuriated by Hulu's award winning adaptation of Margaret Atwood's master work The Handmaid's Tale. We've gone episode by episode, looking specifically at narratives of religion and imprisonment ... so put the kettle on and settle in. 


One of the best limited series ever to grace the TV world. We had a harrowing but necessary journey through Danny Strong's adaptation of Beth Macy's book Dopesick. The show expertly addresses addiction and the ramifications of Big Pharma. Grab a Kleenex box and hit play!


As huge fans of Romance books and the Netflix smash success, we're keen to explore feminism, gender, race, diversity, family, and love in Regency England. Join us for a critical discussion of the romance genre, and Bridgerton's adaptation of it! Our Season 2 coverage is now airing!

The crown

Netflix's The Crown is a gorgeous piece of drama - but does it do justice to the woman behind the crown, the family, and the history? Join us as we discuss episode by episode the events covered in all four seasons of the show.

The Dropout

We've been obsessed with the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos for years, so we couldn't wait to cover Hulu's dramatization The Dropout. It's a wild ride that tackles themes of gender, inventor bias, tech culture, integrity, and more!

Cornucopia content

We will talk about pretty much anything you can find on a streaming service. Head on over for reviews of shows like Unbelievable & Mrs. America, as well as coverage of docuseries, documentaries, and films! It's a regular cornucopia of choices!

the falcon & the winter soldier

Kristen and Eleanor met in because of their love of all things Marvel. Since the whole team relishes talking about the MCU, it seemed a no brainer to cover the fascinating and complicated story of Sam and Bucky. 

holiday movies

We are fans of happily ever afters, so we've decided to chat about one of America's biggest collections of them - Holiday Movies! Join The Good Doctors as we lovingly snark on the insane amounts of garland, empty coffee cups, cringy dialogue, and swoony kisses.

awards season 

Awards for TV and Film have a lot of meaning and don't have a lot of meaning. What wins awards tells us a lot about what our larger culture values. Each season we pick some of the most talked about nominees and add our two cents on what they say about us and who should win!

general culture coverage

cancel culture watch

We don't believe in 'cancel culture' but every Tuesday at 1PM EST we go live on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share what we're watching in the land of cancel culture. With segments like 'Not all men, but definitely this fucking guy' and 'Accountability Corner', we help you find empathy in the hardest of places - the internet. .

welcome to my world

Dr. Kristen loves to learn and loves to talk to new people. She's combining those loves for this interview webseries. Join her as she asks people what makes their world, what inspires them, what drives them. She's talked to folks about St. Patrick, sustainability, disability advocacy, the power of breathing and much more! 

colonizer's world tour

Inspired by Shuri from Black Panther, we're taking a deep dive into the legacy of colonialism around the world. Join us for our world tour! We're producing 101 intro videos to each location and discussing one piece of art - whether movie, documentary, or whatever we can get our hands on! Pack a bag, it promises to be quite the trip!

hot(ish) takes 

We're not fans of hot takes on issues. Instead, we prefer to do some research, reflect, and sort our thinking before hitting 'record' to share our thoughts. This playlist is a collection of those videos - covering everything from the USA Women's Gymnastics abuse scandal to Britney Spears and Sexism in the NFL.

abbey research reads

We are obsessive readers. In fact, we read so many books we created a separate YouTube channel for ARR! We've plucked books from best seller lists and tiny corners of the internet to get a wide range of topics and writers. Each review focuses on what we learned about empathy and inclusivity, as well as our trademark wit! 

let's talk gender equity

Our understanding of gender has changed so much in the last few years. We're particularly adamant about using our voices and platforms to speak about gender equity issues and how we can solve them. This playlist is our one-stop shop of coverage about hot topics, breaking news, and big cultural questions about gender.