The Culture of Burnout: Companion Workbook


Thoughtful Questions and Practical Tips to Help You Move from a Culture of Burnout to a Culture of Balance


We believe that growing as a human involves curiosity, understanding, and compassionate action. By picking up a copy of The Culture of Burnout you’re already engaging with curiosity and understanding and for that you should be proud! If you haven’t already grabbed your copy, order it today on Kindle or paperback through Amazon.

This companion workbook will offer you a few extras in addition to the new understanding we hope the main book brings.

Each part in this workbook will follow along with the sections and chapters in the main book and will bring the concepts we talk about at large in The Culture of Burnout into your own life, in a relatable way. The goal of this workbook is to provide you with reflection questions, action items, and empathy exercises that will help you recognize the ways that you already live in a culture of burnout, how to thrive and help others thrive despite that cultural expectation, and what you can do to help propel us towards a culture of balance instead.

Your purchase provides you with a downloadable PDF copy of the workbook.