How To Work With Different Generations Training

Generational discord might not be the symptom of your problems, but we know they are the cause.

Each generation brings with it different values, perspectives, and worldviews that disrupt the work environment - leaving a whole host of problems in their wake.

Are you struggling with new and confusing demands from your youngest employees?

Do you have big communication issues between employees of different ages?

Is your hybrid workforce scrambling to adjust to work post-COVID?

Has The Great Resignation turned into a revolving door of good people coming and going?

we can help ... 

Our generations training will provide the practical solutions to these problems - helping you manage discord, increase retention, and keep employee engagement high!

what our training covers

generations 101

Our training breaks down what generations are, what we can learn from studying them, and how it can help us create stronger connections and minimize office conflicts.

Generations are a good starting point for understanding the folks you work with, mostly because we have a lot of data about what they mean and how they impact people.


There are a lot of stereotypes and myths about different generations. Our training will discuss key stereotypes and bust the harmful myths that are creating conflict. 

Generations take up a lot of space in print media, social media, and other outlets -- there's a lot of misinformation floating around out there and it's impacting how you relate to your co-workers.

practical tips and solutions

What can you do with all this new knowledge? We have practical tips on how to incorporate this information into your leadership and management of different generations. 

We want you to leave prepared to tackle the root cause of the problems facing your workplace. We'll make sure you have manageable next steps that we know will work.

every training is customized to meet your needs


who are you?


Whether you have 15 or 500 employees, work remotely or on-site, we develop our trainings to address your key pain points. 

Your company is facing high turnover, hybrid work models, and new and confusing demands from America's most diverse and multigenerational workforce. 

Higher Education

Our work in academia means we understand the culture of higher education, why it needs to change, and how we can help.

You are having lot of problems around interpersonal conflicts, poor communication, and frequent misunderstandings within these multigenerational spaces. 

Non profits

With decades of experience working with charities and NGOs around the world, we know our training can have a high impact for your folks. 

You probably have aging board members with different generational perspectives on your work, and different understandings of boundary setting and work-home life balance. 


From financial planning to human resources, we take our expertise and research to professional associations across the country. 

Younger generations are reshaping the way associations operate and how they contribute to society. Knowing more about the different generations is essential to maintaining growth. 

Who are we?

We are both educators with social science PhDs. We have lived and studied around the United States and around the world, exposing us to a beautiful range of identities, experiences, and worldviews. As a company, we’ve been around since 2016, but we’ve been unofficial advocates for understanding our whole adult lives. 

Dr. Kristen lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles. Dr. Erin lives in Pittsburgh with her Mum and cat, where they share a love of British TV shows, gardening, and gin cocktails. 

Our training on generations is delivered through the Community Research Institute - Abbey Research's partnership with the Hans A. Nielsen College of Business at Charleston Southern University. 

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what do our participants say about us?


This training has helped everyone understand we each need to be more empathetic and mindful of the needs of different generations. Kristen and Erin demonstrated a unique understanding of the problem we are facing and were able to connect it to specific issues facing our industry.

Since the training we have received requests from various coaching staffs to have The Good Doctors return and dig deeper into these issues with their student-athletes.

Jeff barber

/ Athletic Director  

Charleston Southern University


I loved their energy! Their passion made the content even easier to absorb! Their thorough research really helped me understand a great deal more about relationships and being a better communicator. 

I appreciated that their teaching style included the mix of crowd participation with very informative slides, along with time for breakout sessions. I wanted to do another session with them immediately because of the wealth of wisdom they have combined with their relatable experience!

Clarisse gargia

/ Head Women's Basketball Coach

Charleston Southern University 


After this training, I am more aware now of the communication differences amongst generations and am more intentional in using different strategies. 

What stood out to me about Dr. Kristen and Dr. Erin was how they were able to be personal and entertaining while also showcasing their level of knowledge on the topic.

kyle kallander

/ Commissioner

Big South Athletic Conference 


As a head baseball coach, the training provided a better understanding of how we as a staff may need to communicate with our student-athletes along with the concerns they may deal with on a daily basis. This training has made a difference in how I approach my work because I am more aware now of the communication differences amongst generations and am more intentional in using different strategies.

What stood out to me from the training was The Good Doctors' energy, passion, and knowledge of their subject.

marc macmillan

/ Head Baseball Coach 

Charleston Southern University


With so many generations working together in the office as well as serving Gen Z as our primary audience, our team leaders wanted to create a space where our employees could openly discuss their preconceived ideas and perspectives while also learning how to show empathy to others.

What stood out to me from the training was that it takes great intentionality to show empathy for someone we don't fully understand. What I enjoyed about The Good Doctors training was the openness and practicality of their approach.

Jenna johnson 

/ Executive Director of Marketing and Communication

Charleston Southern University 


The Good Doctors are NEEDED in a world that needs courage and education of how to navigate conversations with love, grace, and curiosity. 

The information provided in our meeting was educational to create a safe space for our team. I felt growth of understanding just within our staff with the short time we had with them.

ashley jones

/ Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Charleston Southern University 

Ready to bring this training to your organization?

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