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our origin story  

We started our YouTube channel so that we could use our academic expertise to cover The Handmaid's Tale. Over 1K subscribers later, we have a vibrant and engaged community where we cover everything from the structured joy of Bridgerton and holiday movies to necessary conversations about The Troubled Teen Industry, the legacy of colonization, and how to have empathy for harmful people.

We brought The Culture Cast on board at first as an audio only version of our YouTube videos. In 2022, we decided to move the focus of our podcast to serve corporate spaces. Subscribe to the podcast for our trademark wit and insightful analysis of key issues facing everything corporate - from Mom and Pop shops to the globalization!

what we've covered lately

season 2 of bridgerton is trending on our youtube!

You may think romance is silly, but we're having real conversations about gender, class, race, and representation. 

our recent podcast episodes feature the pharmacist!

We have a lot to say about addiction, Big Pharma, the opioid crisis, and the role that ordinary folks can play in ending it all. 

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