Exhaustion and Boundary Setting Online Training

We can blame the Puritans for why we're all exhausted ... join us for a live training to learn why.

Where: online via zoom!

When: october 13, 2022 @ 12PM EST


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what do you mean it's the puritans fault?

That's a great question. We're big fans of context, and we teach that you can't understand why America has a culture of exhaustion and overwork, if you don't understand the Puritan context of this culture. 

Americans have a lot of unhealthy habits that have their origin in the Puritans thoughts on rest, work, faith, and what it means to be a good person.

Our training is designed to teach you all you didn't know and set you on the path to unlearning some of these bad habits. 

We can't have real conversations without self-care and boundaries without starting with the Puritans. 

Every time you've made the joke, 'I'll sleep when I'm dead,' you are perpetuating Puritan theology. Every time you don't ask for help for something you're perpetuating Puritan theology. Every time you judge somebody who is on welfare you're perpetuating Puritan theology. It just kept getting passed down. One of the processes in social science we talk about is reification, and it is essentially this: we practice this thing so much that it becomes part of the civil religion. This is who we are as people. To be American is to be exhausted. 

Meet your fabulous educators

Dr. Kristen Donnelly


about dr. kristen

Kristen Donnelly (MSW, M.Div, PhD) is a 4-time TEDx speaker, international empathy educator, and researcher with two decades of experience in helping people understand the beauty in difference, and the power in inclusivity. She is one of The Good Doctors of Abbey Research, COO of their parent company, and an unapologetic nerd for stories of change. Kristen lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles.

Dr. Erin Hinson

Vice President

about dr. erin

Erin Hinson (MA, PhD) is a researcher, educator, and tea enthusiast with over a decade of experience in cultivating curiosity in herself and others. As one of The Good Doctors of Abbey Research, Erin advocates for inclusion, equity, and understanding through conversation. She lives in Pittsburgh with her mother, cat, and international gin collection.

what's included in our training

Give us 90 minutes and we'll give you ...

Empathetic Explanations of how we got here

We break down the history that you need to know to understanding why our damaging work culture starts with Puritan theology.

Easy to Understand tools for boundary setting

We've done the work (the listening and learning). We know how you can start building healthier boundaries and we'll get you started. 

Further Resources to Help You Continue to Grow

As giant nerds, we love making bibliographies. You'll get access to our living Google Doc with our endorsed sources on this challenging topic. 


You will leave this workshop knowing it is not your fault that you're so tired, and equipped with tips for prioritizing rest and holistic boundaries. You will also better understand how empathy can help you unlearn what you thought you knew and relearn new perspectives and worldviews.

Our Promise To You:

We don't believe in shaming people into changing. In fact, we know that doesn't work when people want to change behaviors. 

We know this is hard work -- we promise we won't judge, we won't make you feel guilty, and we'll help you on this journey to learn how to human a little bit better. 

We also promise jokes. 

what is your investment?


  • Exclusive Access to the Live Workshop with a Q&A
  • The Expertise of Professionally Trained Researchers
  • Lifetime Access to Our Living Google Doc of Resources

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